Cananvalle is an Ecuadorian rose farm that was established in 1986. With over 30 years experience in cultivating premium roses, we were amongst the early pioneers in growing and exporting the finest fresh cut roses from Ecuador to the world.

The company was founded and remains a family owned business. From 2 acres with a few plants in the commune of Cananvalle, we have now grown to over 74 acres with over 70 varieties.

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Our Brand



The Cananvalle brand is synonymous with quality, and is globally recognized as one of the world’s leading rose farms and exporters. We export worldwide and our main markets include North America, Europe, Russia, China, Australia, and Chile.

Our roses are set apart by their large bloom size, freshness, vivid colors, durability, and longevity.

Our brand is set apart by consistent quality and reliable service.





Ecuador is home to the best roses in the world. Our farm is located in the renowned rose farming district of Tabacundo, near Cayambe. At around 3,000 meters above sea level, and situated close to the equator, the region receives 12 hours of sunlight per day, year round. The surrounding snow capped Andes Mountains moderate the region’s temperatures. This unique geographical mix creates ideal growing conditions.

Each rose is specially selected by hand. Examined from stem, foliage, to petals, to make sure you only receive the best of harvest, every time. Our artisans work with innovative technology to nurture every single rose.





We recognize that style is important when it comes to floral design. That is why we stay one step ahead of current trends in the market. We offer a range of over 70 varieties of fresh cut roses including garden roses, spray roses, and dyed roses in key color ranges that cater to all markets and purposes. We also have our own brand of premium preserved roses, Incanto.





Our expert farmers and engineers are highly qualified and experienced craftspeople, with a passion for cultivating roses. We focus particular emphasis on engineering our production to ensure we meet our clients’ specific seasonal demands.





We understand that you need your roses on time, and in perfect condition, be it peak demand season, or weekly orders.

We take our packaging seriously when it comes to shipping our roses to any corner of the globe, and we only choose the most timely complete cold chain logistics to make sure your blooms arrive in mint condition.





Our relationships are important to us. We not only believe in providing a superior product but also in delivering exceptional service. Our friendly floral consultants are carefully selected and trained by the best in the global floral industry to ensure outstanding service and develop long term relationships built on trust.