Positive Impact

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At Cananvalle we recognize that caring for our people and the environment has a positive effect on our business.

Our sustainable business practices create jobs for the local community, ensuring fair wages and working conditions. When you buy roses from Cananvalle you can be sure that you are buying roses that are responsibly grown, and contribute to the well being of over 350 employees.

We have an on site doctor and nurse, and periodically schedule dental hygiene check ups for our staff. We also offer important vaccination services for our staff.

Our ongoing training ensures employees have long term growth potential within the company and we also offer education relating to social well being.

Over the years we have improved our cultivation processes and have evolved to become more environmentally efficient and to create a more comfortable workplace for our staff.

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We care for our environment and believe in being resourceful. We import special machinery for mulching and composting our organic waste and also offer this service to other farms in the area.

We only use biodegradable products, implement energy saving practices, and use a recycling program.

We are also an active part of our community. Cananvalle shares their water supply to nearby areas and the company makes regular donations of supplies to the nearby child care center.

We are soon to be Rainforest Alliance Certified, and our good practices are also certified by MPS (Germany), BASC (USA), and Flor Ecuador.